The Winemaker

Ike Parrish has grown up around wine all his life. First as a young boy helping his grandfather gather huckleberries, dandelions, elderberries, “you name it” and as he grew older, assisting with and learning the process of making these old world fruit wines using traditional methods.

This interest carried on, leading to experimentation with different fruits and recipes (and lots of mistakes) and through these efforts, he developed consistent “tried and true” fruit wines.

Ike always considered the idea of offering his wines to the public. He studied and received his Winemaker’s Certificate from UC Davis in 2009, and opened Beauty Bay Winery in 2010. The first batches were started in 2011 with the first bottles being offered for sale in 2013.

The Wine

Our wine is hand-crafted in small 50 gal. batches and monitored every step of the way from quality control of the fruit to bottling. The result is a smooth full-bodied wine that really captures the essence of the fruit. In fact, our customers tell us that one of the first things they notice is the crisp, fresh aftertaste.

We offer a variety of tastes and styles, ranging from a dryer blackberry table wine to a sweet higher alcohol peach dessert wine that is reminiscent of peach brandy. Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find something to fit the palate and occasion.


Beauty Bay Winery
8505 Jeni Lane
Harrison, ID 83833